If you are looking for Multi-domain Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Business Mail, Dedicated Server, Domains, or SSL Certificates, Space Hosting is the right solution for your company. We have a variety of services that adapt completely to your needs. Take the next step.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a service that allows data to be stored and moved via the Internet to an external storage system owned by a third party.

Both personal and business files can be backed up in the cloud and are accessible from anywhere.

Storing in the cloud has increased as people have become aware of the need to store significant information on external servers, a safe place where they can store information more likely to be lost or damaged, this by some damage that could suffer the servers of your company or your personal computer.

The use of the cloud has become a more cost-effective way to share files without having to travel to deliver physical documents, since the user can access them from any device with Internet access.

Space Hosting offers you a reliable and secure platform, where you can count on all the space you require. We also provide you with specific RAM memory configurations guaranteeing efficiency in your services.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a tool for the development of websites. The user will have access to a great number of topics that will help him in the making of his design.

It is easy to use and also allows developers to work without complications.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting or virtual private server (by its acronym in English) depending on the plan purchased can continue to share servers with other users, however and as the word indicates, the same is only and exclusively for its total reserve, this because it provides a completely separate partition, always within the same server.

This type of partition is widely used for growing businesses since they can also be customized, and always with exclusive spaces.

Business mail

We offer the service of administration of your email accounts which you will be able to access from any device that has Internet.

In addition, it is easy to use and mail can be diverted to other accounts.



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